Our mission

Our mission is to simplify the life of AV/IT integrators and end users alike,
by offering high quality, intuitive visualization software solutions for professional applications. The majority of our development effort is driven by customer feedback and
industry trends. By staying connected with end-users, we succeed in providing AV/IT integrators with solutions that are tailored to their needs, ensuring they are easy to deploy, easy to use and easy to maintain.

“We have built our reputation with solutions that makes it easy to use commercial-off-the-shelf hardware for video wall deployments. Today with more and more interconnected AV content, the VuWall experience goes far beyond the video wall”
Paul VANDER PLAETSE, President VuWall

Our belief

We strongly believe that managing, distributing and sharing visual information can only be efficient if the systems to process the information are simple to use.

Open architecture

The goal has always been to create products that allow people to easily manage their video walls using an open architecture that is compatible with the latest hardware technology available. Our development team is mandated to build controllers that are easy to deploy, simple to use, and require minimal attention to maintain.


Innovation is an ongoing endeavor at VuWall, which is why we carefully evaluate the requirements of end users, AV/IT integrators, and hardware manufacturers before integrating any new feature into our solutions.

Customer feedback

At VuWall, we leverage the feedback from our customers to continually improve the user experience of managing digital content across multiple display surfaces.

Industry trends anticipation

Our close relationship with hardware manufacturers has allowed us both to anticipate new trends in the market, and to ensure the VuWall software suite is optimized for new hardware releases.


We continue to partner with experienced Systems integrators from around the world. Some choose to assemble their own video wall controllers and simply use VuWall to power their systems, while others prefer to rely on our expertise to provide a complete solution.
We understand that each project is unique.

Our history in brief

In 2009, Paul Vander Plaetse founded VuWall to offer AV integrators a powerful solution for their video wall projects that was affordable and easy to implement. At that time, video wall controllers were assembled from Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) hardware and managed by third-party software that was simple to use but not very evolutive.
By 2012, Based on customer feedback, VuWall decided to invest in the development of a complete new software platform that would bring more simplicity, be modular and that would be able to evolve with the emerging technology in the field of graphics and video processing. This was the real impetus for VuWall: create versatile solutions with powerful features that simplify multi-surface display management.
Since the launch of VuWall2 video control software in June 2013, the response from the market has been remarkable. The company has received praise from many satisfied customers and integration partners around the world, as well as winning accolades from the West Island of Montreal Chamber of Commerce, awarded in June 2015 for outstanding small business.
Today, the company’s award-winning software solutions has been trusted by over 900 customers from all over the world.

Contact us

If you are considering the deployment or the update of a video wall system , big or small, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you determine the technical requirements to suit your business needs.