Video wall control and collaboration

Situational awareness in a control room is about being able to display the relevant combination of information at the right place at the right time: on the video wall, on the operators’ desks or in the crisis room; it also means being able to interact with these sources of information and to collaborate. Thanks to the power and the ease of use of VuWall2, operators and supervisors in control rooms can concentrate on their mission and be more productive. For AV integrators, the flexibility and the easy configuration of VuWall systems, reduce the installation time on site and ensure projects can be delivered on time and within budget.

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AV network management

By definition, an AV network consists of many connected devices that need to be deployed and operated within multiple rooms, floors or buildings. The complexity of such an installation may suggest a very cumbersome experience both in the configuration, the operation and the maintenance phase. With VuWall’s TRx AV network management solution, these processes are performed with simplicity thanks to an intuitive ‘’drag and drop’’ user interface.
Future proof installations are guaranteed thanks to the multi-platform compatibility of TRx.

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Scheduling and transition management

With VuWall’s digital signage software (VuWall2 DS), it is now very easy to schedule when and on which surface the content is displayed. The transition between different contents can be easily configured to ensure a smooth continuity of the information displayed. No need to learn any specific programming language to configure all this or to design nice customized control panels for mobile devices.

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Presentation system

It doesn’t matter whether the display area is a simple projection screen or a multiple display video wall; with VuWall’s wireless presentation system, CoScape, presenters don’t have to worry about how to have their content appear on the screen when they need it. As soon as a source is connected via the USB key or a video cable, CoScape detects the new content and displays it on the display surface. If other windows are already open, the windows will rearrange themselves to make room for the new content. All this can then be easily rearranged manually if necessary for an optimal collaboration experience.

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Video wall controllers

Video wall controllers for small to large scale video walls, single or multi-display projections.

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Encoders & decoders

Encoding and decoding solution, which provides the possibility to distribute uncompressed 4K video and audio over off-the-shelf IP network switches with no latency.

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